TEC(Peltier) Controller PLC-24V6A

We have been developing and selling TEC(Peltier) controller.

TEC(Peltier) Controller PLC-24V6A
Main Board

■ Overview

* NTC thermistor / Pt Sensor
* PWM switching drive
* Continuous Operation / Timer Operation
* Digital PI Control
* Can be set itself and make operate using display module
* RS232 interface
* Small size suitable for incorporation (W85mm x D65mm)

■ Specification

* Operationg voltage :DC7V ~ 24V
* Output power :24V, 6A(depends on Operating Volts)
* Output FAN Power :DC5V or DC12V (0.5A max)
* Sensor reference parameter can be customized

* Temperature range(Thermistor)-10 ~ +80 degC
* Temperature range(Pt Sensor)-20 ~ +100 degC

* Resolution0.1 degC
* Timer range0.1min ~ 999.9min / 0.1h ~ 720h
* Alarm (Sensor Alarm / FAN Alarm / TEC Alarm)

Display Board
Display Board
Small case model
Small case model

■ Accessories

* RS232 cable Ass'y(L=100mm)
* Dedicated Application Software can be download.

■ Notice

* Product specifications and appearance are subject to change for improvement
* Specify the sensor type when ordering.
* Specify the FAN voltage when ordering.
* We can also accept customize, such as changing the set temperature range.
* The power connector is not included.

■ Sample movie

■ Brochure / Manual

Brochure PDF document, size 3.5MB
CONNECTION GUIDE PDF document, size 95KB

■ Inquiry

E-mail : kurag.tslab@biz.nifty.jp