VLI-30 / VLI-40

Video Line Inserter VLI-30/VLI-40

■ VLI-30, VLI-40 can insert onto the video screen drawing
shapes in white.

* Insert 10 different shapes

Double cross
can be a single line if it overlap with another line.
can be a single segment if it overlap with another segment.
Can be expanded to full screen
4:3 Square
can zoom while maintaining the ratio of 4:3
Corner frame can zoom while maintaining the ratio of 4:3
Diamond can rotate and zoom while maintaining a square shape.

* Brightness adjustment of the shape can be easily operated
* Double Layer (VLI-40)
can draw in two layers above 10 kinds of shapes
* Scale function (VLI-40)
can draw a scale drawing other than 2 layers shapes
* During power-OFF,
   to hold the operating mode and graphic information.
* PC Interface (VLI-30R/VLI-40R)
Further options are available via the PC interface
* Select 2 kinds of dashed line
* Changing the drawing line width
* Specifies the shape of the frame corner
* Per layer, you can specify the drawing flashing

■ Images of the drawing shape

If you use the double layer capability of VLI-40
You can insert any shape you choose two from 10 different shapes, very useful.

The VLI-40, there is also a scale feature in addition to the double-layer insertion function

■ Specifications

* Video formatNTSC composit video(SMPTE-170M)
* Input impedance75ohms(BNC)
* Output impedance75ohms(BNC)
* Power consumption0.2A @5V(normal)
* SizeW140xH40xD100(without rubber foot)
* Weightunder 400g
* AccessariesAC adaptor

■ notice

* Product specifications and appearance are subject to change for improvement

■ Brochure

VLI-30/VLI-30R PDF document, size 600KB
VLI-40/VLI-40R PDF document, size 700KB

■ Inquiry

E-mail : support@tslab.com